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General Dentistry

Dentistry is currently enjoying a renaissance with many exciting techniques and treatments that give our patients unrivalled choices about their oral health.

The Dental Check-up

The Dental Check-up

At our Dental Clinic, we aim to give the gold standard when we take you through our comprehensive new patient check-up on your first dentist appointment with us. We have examined all the evidence and benchmarked best practice for dentists across the world to ensure that when you see us for the first time, your check-up appointments are second to none.

At your first appointment you will no doubt notice the comfortable and clean clinical environment of our dental clinics. You will be asked to fill out a comprehensive medical evaluation form which allows us to understand your health better so that our dentists can ensure that your dental care is individually suited to you


CrownsA dental crown is a cap that covers a damaged tooth to protect what remains of the tooth structure, providing you with a strong, long-lasting layer of protection between your tooth and your mouth.

Dental crowns are used to treat teeth that have lost a significant part of its structure, which can happen as a result of tooth decay or the failure of a large filling. In some cases, dental crowns can also be used on teeth that have been worn down to the extent of vulnerability.




Dental fillings are a common and widely used treatment in modern dentistry. Dental fillings are typically made of dental amalgam, a metallic compound containing mercury that has been used for fillings for many decades. Fillings made of this amalgam are of a metallic hue and can give a grey tinge to the tooth. 

One of the most exciting developments in dentistry is the introduction of tooth coloured fillings that can exactly match the appearance of an unfilled tooth to give unrivalled aesthetics. You do not have to accept having amalgam placed in your teeth anymore. With the advent of dental composites, we can now use a palette of subtle tooth shades to recreate the natural colour variations of your tooth so that it blends in perfectly with its neighbours and you can smile and laugh with confidence.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment falls into a field of dentistry called endodontics, which deals with the nerve, or sensitive inner portion of the tooth. Root canal treatment, and other related endodontic procedures, have helped millions of patients overcome poor tooth health and frequently reduce painful problems.

With root canal treatment, your dentist removes the inflamed, infected or necrotic (dead) nerve from inside your tooth, giving the area a careful cleaning and then inserting a root filling material into the root where the nerve originally was. This prevents the tooth rot from being exposed, protecting your jaw from possible infection that can enter through the tooth. 



Prosthodontics is an area of dentistry that examines the optimisation of your dental health. Prosthodontics often operates through the use of advanced crown and bridge based techniques, going hand in hand with dental implants and other dental specialties such as periodontics.

If prosthodontic treatment forms part of your dental health plan, our clinical team will be able to provide you with a range of prosthodontic treatment options. This often involves other general dental treatments, as many parts prosthodontic treatment also need fillings, root canal treatment and/or hygienist treatments.


PeriodonticsPeriodontics is the area of dental specialty that concentrates on the supporting tissues of the teeth, known as periodontium. These tissues include your gums, the bone of your jaws surrounding the roots of your teeth and also the specialised ligaments that attach your teeth to this bone.

Periodontics is important because these foundations of your teeth are an absolutely integral part of your overall oral health. Increasingly, evidence is mounting of possible links between disease of your periodontium and serious systemic illnesses such as heart disease.


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